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The University of Edinburgh has been providing training for social workers since 1918. It is one of the largest centres for social work education in the UK and is among the highest ranked for the quality of its teaching and research. We provide a range of educational opportunities for both intending and qualified social workers, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Revisiting Moral Panics

Viv Cree, Gary Clapton and Mark Smith have a book series coming out soon, on a range of social issues and anxieties explored through the

Ecologies of suffering - Mental health in India

Sumeet Jain and colleagues from London, Oxford and Hyderabad have published a commentary on mental health in a top social science publication in India.

Well done, Peter!

Peter Yates successsfully defended his PhD thesis at a viva on 28th April.

Jun 11 Seminar: Speaker: Dr Karen Broadhurst # University of Manchester; Speaker: Professor Paul Bywaters # University of Coventry Using administrative data to understand patterns of children's services 09:30 (3 hours) , The University of Edinburgh, TBA

Scottish Graduate School of Social Science - social work pathway event