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Social Work: About



Welcome to the Community area of the Social Work website.

Social Work has always been a diverse profession, operating across numerous agencies and involving the work of practitioners in statutory, voluntary and private sectors and in health, education and social welfare settings.  As a result of this diversity, and of the nature of the work itself, community is something that has always been important to those involved in the field. To reflect this, and to recognise the important links between practice and academia, we've set up a community area in our website.  In contrast to the rest of the site whose focus in on the teaching and research activities we carry out in the University, our community area turns its attention outward to the world of practice.

Social Work Centenary - in 2018, social work at Edinburgh will be 100 years old. We are creating a website to let you know more about this, and to share some stories from social work's past. Watch this space and get involved!

Organisational Partners lists those we work most closely with, providing addresses, web links and an outline of the work we do together.

Student Development Office  the social work placements team also has a partnership with the School of Social and Political Science’s wider Student Development Office (SDO). The SDO offers skills and employability training through a range of workshops, interactive seminars and placement-based dissertation opportunities.

Links contains a list of sites that we find useful in our day-to-day work.  Rather than just provide a set of links, there is also some accompanying text written by those who have provided the links.  Hopefully this will help you to locate the information that others have found useful.