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Welcome to Edinburgh Reflections

Welcome to the space on our website open to contributions from all those associated with social work teaching, training and research at Edinburgh University. We'd like to invite you to share your reflections on professional, research and developmental matters that are important to you. From February 2009 we shall post a new reflection each month from a student, practice teacher, researcher, professional colleague, tutor or service user.

As a university programme closely associated with public service, social justice and enabling the voice of those who rely on services to be heard, we know that there are important messages for all of us drawn from your experience, training, practice and research. We invite you to share these thoughts with us, and anyone else exploring the website.

There is no 'shopping list' of topics other than a general relationship to professional social work education, practice and research. Your reflection could be ethical, practice-based, theoretical, or aspirational. The choice is yours. The main restriction is length- no more than 250 words. We may edit but will always check with you first if we have amended your reflection in anyway. Tell us if you wish to remain anonymous. Please start writing now!

Including this comment, this message is 213 words long.

Please send your reflection to

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