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Social Work: About



The University of Edinburgh started providing training for social workers in 1918 and has, since then, been a forerunner in the provision of social work education. In the 1960s, social work at Edinburgh played a key role in advising the Scottish Office about the future shape of social work services in Scotland.

It contributed to the Kilbrandon Committee's innovative report that led to the Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968. In 1998, the University merged with Moray House Institute of Education with its 30 year history of providing social work education.

During 2006/2007, staff at social work made important contributions to the 21st Century Review of Social Work in Scotland, Changing Lives, which sets the agenda for social work practice in the years ahead

Today social work at Edinburgh is part of the School of Social and Political Studies, a constituent of the College of Humanities and Social Science. We seek to meet the demands of a changing profession and to contribute to understanding of and improvements in public policy and professional practice. We collaborate with several universities and service agencies to promote understanding of best practice in social work services.

The provision of social work education and training at qualifying and post-qualifying levels remains a central focus of activity. Meanwhile, we are working towards a centenary year of events and celebrations in 2017/2018 - find out more here.