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Celebrating 100 years of Social Work at Edinburgh University

Social Work at The University at Edinburgh celebrated its centenary in 2017/2018. What began as the Edinburgh School of Social Study and Training went on to take a pre-eminent part in the creation of social welfare policy and practice and social work education in Scotland, the UK and around the world, as graduates and members of staff played key roles in the development of legislation, policy and practice in the ‘social’ professions at home and abroad.

To mark the centenary, we organised a number of events and activities, research projects, seminars, conferences and exhibitions. Through these, all our friends (alumni, former staff and colleagues, partners in other agencies and members of the public) joined us in contributing to the Edinburgh story and celebrating our shared history.

A new project is now cataloguing and archiving 100 years of social work and social studies at Edinburg. It is entitled 'Advisers, Advocates and Activists - A Century of Social Work in Edinburgh'. Check out our blog for more information.