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Call for Papers
Practice - Social Work in Action: Special Issue

Date and Time
20 May 2017 9:00am - 28 Jul 2017 5:00pm


Social Work Education – a Local and Global History

2018 is a particularly important year for the history of social work and social work education in the UK. It marks 100 years of JUC/SWEC, which began as the Joint University Council for Social Studies in April 1918 as part of ‘post war reconstruction’. Since that time, social work has emerged as an academic discipline and subject in its own right, but always tentatively, uncertain about its status and ambivalent about its place in the academy. This Special Issue invites contributors to question social work education as it has developed in their own country setting with a view to informing contemporary global understanding of aspects of social work practice. Articles will explore the development of social work education and its impact on social work practice. Contributors will be expected to consider the context in which social work education emerged, as well as its underpinning theory and knowledge. Examples will also be welcome covering different modes of delivery. Authors may choose to pick one specific aspect of social work education, for example, practice learning or teaching of anti-discriminatory practice or assessment but will have to locate discussion in its local and global context, paying attention to the social and political issues.

Abstracts of no more than 200 words to be send to no later than 28 July 2017. Authors whose abstracts are accepted will then be invited to submit papers by 1 December 2017, Final papers by March 2018 with publication planned for June 2018.