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Events :: Experiencing Social Work Exhibition

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Experiencing Social Work Exhibition

Date and Time
11 Nov 2017 9:00am-5:00pm

Hosted by: Gary Clapton (University of Edinburgh); Speaker: Lisa Morriss (University of Birmingham)

Ocean Terminal shopping centre, Edinburgh

ESRC Festival of Social Science: Exhibition at Ocean Terminal, Leith

On Saturday 11 November, as part of a week celebrating social sciences, and as one of our centenary events, the ‘Experiencing the Social Work World’ exhibition was held in the main concourse of the Ocean Terminal. 

The public exhibition, which was first displayed in Manchester People's History Museum in April this year, featured many moving depictions of social workers’ feelings about their work. These were matched by depictions by those who have received a social work service.   

The exhibition was borne out of a project of the same name, led by Dr Jadwiga Leigh, Lecturer in Social Work in the Department of Sociological Studies at the University of Sheffield, along with Dr Lisa Morriss, Senior Research Associate (then at Lancaster, now at Birmingham University), and arts expert Matthew Morriss from the University of Salford.

Many members of the public stopped to talk and share their views about the exhibition and about social work. Some were even social workers! Significantly, there was nothing but support for the overall messages of the exhibition.

We also talked with prospective social work students and in some cases, their parents. It was a great opportunity to take the university out into the community, and also to find out what shoppers feel about social work.

With thanks to the ESRC for making this possible; their funding supported the travel costs so that the exhibition could come to Edinburgh, and thanks to Lisa and Matthew for bringing the exhibition to the university in our centenary year, as well as to Gary Clapton for hosting the event.