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People were at the heart of the Centenary project. The unique stories of the individuals who have been connected with Social Work at Edinburgh University over the years are interesting in themselves. But they also shed light on wider social issues and developments. They tell us about the professionalisation of social work, about the changing role of women, about academic rivalries, about hopes and dreams for the future of the social work profession and society as a whole.

The narratives here are from those people who contacted us or those we were able to find – either in real life or through obituaries or archival research. As you will see, many alumni went on to become key figures in social work and social work education; they were the 'movers and shakers' as the social work profession developed. Many went on to become our partners in social work education, taking students in practice learning and working alongside staff in policy and research projects. Others became staff members at the University of Edinburgh, teaching future generations of Edinburgh students. Some did not pursue a career in social work, and chose different paths, while still using their social work skills and knowledge in their family, community and working lives.

Please add to our people pages – to tell us your stories – the good and not-so-good stories of your time at Edinburgh – of your learning, your friendships, your achievements and most of all, what you think about social work education then and in the future.