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Mina Cowan

Diploma in Social Study 1921

Mina Cowan (1878-1951) was a middle-class woman who 'created a semi professional career in public life, mixing elected office and committee appointments' (p81) - firstly on the Education Committee, then on the Higher Education Committee, managing Edinburgh city's nine secondary schools. She did the Diploma in Social Study in 1921, and later published an authoritative commentary on the Children and Young Person's Scotland Act of 1932; her earlier essay on foreign policy in 1924 had argued for a stronger League of Nations. Active in the National Council for Women (NCW), she chaired the Edinburgh branch; she became national president 1946-7 and thereafter international vice-president. During WW2 she worked for the Ministry of Food in East Lothian and also wrote about the social consequences of evacuation.

Source: entry by Sue Innes in the Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women (2006), Edinburgh University Press.