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Publications :: Practice, Special Issue


The journal Practice: Social Work in Action, published a special issue on the history of social work education on 24th September 2018, edited by Sarah Vicary (from the Open University), Jill Manthorpe (from King's College London) and Viv Cree (from The University of Edinburgh). Volume 30, Issue 4, is a great blend of papers on social work education history, with a scene-setting editorial then three papers from the UK and three that tell the story of social work education history in other parts of the world.

The full contents are as follows:

Sarah Vicary, Viviene E. Cree and Jill Manthorpe, ‘Social Work Education – a Local and Global History', pp223-226

Trish McCulloch, 'Education for the crossroads? A short history of social work education in Scotland', pp227-237

Sarah Henning, 'Psychiatric Social Work training: Justifying a profession', pp239-256

Mike Burt, 'The Younghusband Report recommendation of two-year training courses and the development of social work', pp 257-269

Francisco Branco, 'Social Work Education - The Portuguese story in a local and global perspective', pp271-291

Karen McCauley and Duncan Matheson, 'Social Work Practice with Canada’s Indigenous Peoples: Teaching a difficult history', pp 293-303

Liz Beddoe, 'Social work education in Aotearoa New Zealand: Building a profession', pp305-320