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Research :: Current Centenary Research Projects

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Research projects already under way include:

  • Research on communities over time - we have plans to conduct a follow-up on a research study of north Edinburgh (this is also discussed in our Historical Research Projects page - see Centenary Research Notes 1).
  • Research on women in the academy - we have already received funding from Carnegie Trust to conduct a study of women in social work education, starting 1 April 2017- see Centenary Research Notes 2.

Ideas for future projects:

  • Research on international connections - we are well aware that scholars travel; they come to Edinburgh and they travel from Edinburgh to other parts of the world. There are stories to be told about the global nature of social work - how its knowledge emerged, grew and was transported to different contexts, sometimes without due attention to local knowledge and cultures. We plan to do research on this in the future.
  • If there is anything that YOU are interested in and would like to do research on in relation to our history project, please get in touch!