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Timeline :: Africa - Alexandria Seminar for Social Work

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In 1965, the Alexandria Seminar for Social Work in Africa was held. It recommended the fomration of an Association for Social Work Education in Africa, to initiate, coordinate and strengthen social work education in the contenent. An interim committee was formed, with emembers from Egypt, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Mali and Tunisia, with the task of developing a constitution. Two years later, a draft constitution was circulated, and additional countries signed up including Senegal, Rwanda, Nigeria, Togo, Zaire and Madagascar. The second expert group meeting was held in 1969, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

in 1971, a third expert group meeting took place, on the theme of social work training and administration (training materials), also in Addis Ababa. Also at this meeting, the Association was formally inaugurated and the first General Assembly held.

President: Dr Ndidi Chibogu from Lagos, Nigeria.

The headquarters of the Association was to be the main campus of Addis Ababa university.

The committee agreed to

1) produce and distribute a Journal

2) promote staff exchange programmes amongst schools of social development

3) provide social work schools with information about new books in social work and related fields

4) answer queries relating to social work education in Africa

5) organise meetings, conferences and seminars (held annually from then on)

6) encourage participation in international meetings

7) represent the continent of Africa whenever needed

8) faciltiate the production, distribution and use of indigenous teaching materials (case studies etc.)

Source: Barbara Shank, University of Calgary, online reproduction of a book that brings together resources.