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Timeline :: Albemarle report published

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The Committee that was responsible for this report was chaired by Diana, Countess of Albemarle, and was appointed by the Minister of Education in November 1958 with the following remit

'To review the contribution which the Youth Service of England and Wales can make in assisting young people to play their part in the life of the community, in the light of changing social and industrial conditions and of current trends in other branches of the education service; and to advise according to what priorities best value can be obtained for the money spent.'

The Committee's report was presented to Parliament in February 1960. It gave youth work in England and Wales a rationale and framework and was a key element in substantially increasing funding for youth work. An important recommendation regarded training. The report stated that there should be four forms of training for the three categories of recruit, that included in the three-year teacher training courses; the three- or four-year courses for social workers; the three-month courses for those with professional qualifications recognised as suitable; and the one- and two-year courses for mature students.

Although the report referred only to England and Wales, it had a major influence in Scotland too, demonstrated in the decision to estbalish youth work training parallet to teacher training at Moray House College in Edinburgh in 1961, and Jordanhill College in Glasgow in 1964. Qualified staff for the new programmes were brought from England, and through them, the Albemarle ideas became standard (see Sercombe et al, 2014). The Albemarle report subsequently fed into Scotland's Adult Education: the Challenge of Change (known as the Alexander Report, 1975), which brought youth work and adult education together for the first time into a new Community Education service.


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