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Timeline :: Canadian Association of Social Workers formed


In 1924, at the National Conference on Social Work in Toronto, Carl A. Dawson, then director of the School of Social Work at McGill, was appointed the chair of the committee to determine the feasibility of a Canadian national social work organization. Many social workers in Canada at the time were members of American organizations. He wrote later that the desire to create a Canadian organization came from the understanding that, “the political and social traditions at the base of Social Work in Canada are sufficiently different to warrant a Canadian conference of social work as distinct from the American conference” (Jennisen & Lundy, 2011, p. 28).

The CASW was formed in 1926.  

A detailed paper on the CASW history, written by Therese Jennisen and Colleen Lundy, is available to download from the CASW website.

Sources: McGill University website. Also CASW website.