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Timeline :: Change Academy


In 2003, the Scottish Government commissioned a Change Academy, through which all the universities in Scotland that offered social work programmes came together to review social work education and come up with proposals for change. The academy was led by Professor Bryan Williams, the lead on the Scottish Institute for Excellence in Social Work Education, based at the University of Dundee.

A project emerged out of this, through which all the universities in Scotland worked together on three aspects of student learning:

  • Learning for Effective and Ethical Practice (LEEP) - with strands on the integration of learning for practice, opportunities for inter-professional learning and agency-based practice learning opportunities.
  • Knowledge Transfer - with a plan to build a repository of learning resources - this became 'Stor Curam', and some years later, 'IRISS'.
  • Integrated Assessment - with strands on new assessment methods, new appraoches to assessment, the involvement of users and carers, the alignment of standards with SCQF, and development of a record of assessment.

The University of Edinburgh led on the Integration of Learning for Practice strand, and conducted the final evaluation of the LEEP and other projects, published in 2004.