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Timeline :: Child Protection: Messages from Research published

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Roger Bullock et al. (1995) Child Protection, Messages from Research was published by the Department of Health. This was the third publication that sought to summarise and disseminate the results of child care research (20 recently completed studies) funded by the Department of Health. Like its predecessors, Social Work Decisions in Child Care (1985) and Patterns and Outcomes in Child Placement (1991), it tried to make research findings accessible to professionals working with children and to demonstrate the relevance of these results for policy and practice. The focus of the previous two volumes was children looked after away from home. This publication was concerned with child protection and child abuse.

The report concluded as follows: 'The message from the 20 studies is that decisions about children in need are, to some extent, socially constructed and that the same need may require different inputs in different historical eras. Post-Cleveland the need was for an ordered protection service; in ten years time the need might well be for family support and protection. If policy and practice changes are to follow from this round of research, it should be to reconsider the balance of services and alter the way in which professionals are perceived by parents accused of abusing or neglecting their offspring”.