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Timeline :: Children and Young Persons Act (Scotland) passed

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The Children and Young Persons Act (Scotland) was passed. Taking forward ideas from the earlier England and Wales Children Act of 1933, this raised the age of criminal responsibility from 7 to 8 years, and defined children as under 14, and 14-17 year olds as young people. It took forward the idea of separate systems for children in the 1908 Act and developed separate panels of justice – forerunners of Children’s Panels today (Hothersall, 2006). Importantly, section 49 said courts/others should be concerned with the welfare of the child – the first mention of welfare, not punishment of children who offended. The mainstay of social work practice until Social Work (Scotland) Act (Hothersall, p16). Most neglected children were removed from home still, ‘boarded out’ with foster parents or sent to approved schools; there was no infrastructure for family support at this time, and children were thought to get a better start away from their ‘feckless’ parents.