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Timeline :: Christie Commission on the future delivery of public services

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Publication of the Christie Commission on the future delivery of public services. The Commission was established by the Scottish Government in November 2010 to develop recommendations for the future delivery of public services. It was chaired by Dr Campbell Christie CBE, and operated independently of government. The foreword, written by Christie, states:

'Reforming the delivery of these services is not only a matter of fiscal necessity. We also have to implement reforms that improve the quality of public services to better meet the needs of the people and the communities they seek to support. If we are to have effective and sustainable public services capable of meeting the challenges ahead, the reform process must begin now. The principles informing this process are clear:

  • Reforms must aim to empower individuals and communities receiving public services by involving them in the design and delivery of the services they use.
  • Public service providers must be required to work much more closely in partnership, to integrate service provision and thus improve the outcomes they achieve.
  • We must prioritise expenditure on public services which prevent negative outcomes from arising.
  • And our whole system of public services - public, third and private sectors - must become more efficient by reducing duplication and sharing services wherever possible.'