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Timeline :: College of Social Work begins

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The College of Social Work emerged out of the recommendations of the Social Work Task Force. It was to be led by and for social workers, and was initially hosted by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) before becoming an independent body in 2012. There were problems however from the outset, not least because the College only operated in England, whereas BASW represented practitioners across the UK. Also, the new organisation did a deal with the trade union, UNISON, offering college membership at a heavily discounted rate to union members. The row between the College and BASW was damaging to the profession, claims Bamford (p160). He wrote that he hoped that they might go on to fulfil 'complimentary roles' (p162). In the event, the government pulled funding on the College in 2015.

Source: Bamford, T. (2015) A Contemporary History of Social Work. Learning from the Past, Britsol: Policy Press.