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Timeline :: Curtis Committee (E&W) and Clyde Committee (S) set up

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The Curtis Committee (England and Wales) was set up, under the Chair of Miss Marjorie Curtis, Principal of Newnham College, University of Cambridge. The remit was: “to inquire into existing methods of providing for children who from loss of parents or from any cause whatever are deprived of a normal home life with their own parents or relatives; and to consider what further measures should be taken to ensure that these children are brought up under conditions best calculated to compensate them for the lack of parental care.” This committee led to the Curtis Report (care of Children Committee 1946).

A similar inter-departmental committee was set up in Scotland, under the Chair of Mr James L. Clyde (who went on to become Lord Advocate), known as the Committee on Homeless Children in Scotland. Its terms of reference were not so wide, however, because an advisory committee was already looking into conditions in approved schools and remand homes. It produced the Clude Report (Scottish Home Department 1946).

Both reports contributed the the Children Act, which was UK-wide legislation.