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Timeline :: Department of Health Requirements for Social Work Training published

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Following further reviews of social work education and training and an expectation that the UK would meet the European Commission standards for the qualifying training of social workers, a 3-year programme at degree level was introduced. The Department of Health (2002) Requirements for Social Work Training was published. This gave universities overall responsibility for social work education for the first time; moreover, programme providers were required to involve service users in the selection and delivery of social work education. The minumum age for entry was reduced to 18 years, and a 2-year Master's degree for graduates was also introduced. The UK social care councils were given responsibility for approving and regulating courses.

Source: General Social Care Council (GSCC) Accreditation of Universities to grant degrees in social work, London: GSCC.

Also Dr Michael Burt, University of Chester, Museum of Social Work Education and Training