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Timeline :: Edinburgh Child Care Certificate course begins

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The first Scottish Child Care Certificate course began at the University of Edinburgh.  The Certificate was a year long course and candidates were required to be:

i. Over 21 years of age, and;

ii To hold a Social Study Degree, Diploma or Certificate, or some other qaulification which was considered to be equivalent.

Candidates were expected to have completed at least six weeks' residential work in a Children's Home before the start of the course.

The curriculum was made up of the both theoretical courses and fieldwork elements.  The theoretical course were:

*  Social Case Work

*  The Field of Social Work

*  Child Psychology

*  Introduction to Medicine (including paediatrics)

*  Special Problems of Child Care and Adoption

The fieldwork element required that students spend half of each week during the session in fieldwork, under supervision.  After the theoretical courses had been completed a further eight weeks of full-time, supervised fieldwork was required in a Children's Department outwith Edinburgh.  

Students were examined both orally and in writing, as well as consideration being given to the quality of case reports submitted by the candidates.

Source: Unversity of Edinburgh Calendar 1961/62