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Timeline :: Edinburgh School of Social Study and Training begins

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On 8th January 1918, the first lecture for the School of Social Study and Training was held. Lectures at this time were held at the Mathematical Institute, 16 Chambers Street, and 11 candidates were enrolled for the Diploma course and 5 others for single classes. Three courses were delivered: Social Ethics (Professor Seth); Social Economics (Miss MT Rankin MA, University Assistant in Political Economy) and Personal and Public Hygiene (Dr John Guy, Assistant Medical Officer and TB Officer for Edinburgh). In addition, practical training was offered, described as ‘visits of observation to a wide range of agencies and individual work’, supervised by Mr John Watson BA. There was also a series of lectures open to the public, inaugurated by the Secretary for Scotland.

11 February: The prestige that the Edinburgh School of Social Study and Training already had was demonstrated by the fact that the Secretary of State chose to give a speech here to explain the scope and purpose of the proposed legislation, which was to become the Education (Scotland) Act of 1918.