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Timeline :: Edinburgh School of Sociology begins

outlook tower

In 1902, Patrick Geddes and Victor Branford attempted to create an Edinburgh School of Sociology, on the basis of summer schools they had been involved in running since 1887. The summer schools had originally focused on science subjects, but had expanded in the 1890s to include history and philosophy, geography and sociology. They established a museum and laboratory of social life at the Outlook Tower in the Royal Mile, and were also involved in early social work settlements.

The Edinburgh society was a failure, but Branford went on to establish a Sociological Socety in London instead. It produced The Sociological Papers, from 1903 and The Sociological Review, from 1908, publishing a wide variety of papers on a broad range of topics. The society had a number of active sub-committees, including the Cities Committee (on urban planning) and, from 1914, A Group for the Study of Women in Society, with 28 members.

Source: Scott, J. and Husbands, C.T. (2007) 'Victor Branford and the building of British sociology', The Sociological Review