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Timeline :: Edinburgh women graduates for first time

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A Scottish Ordinance had made provision for the first time for women studying at Scottish Universities in 1892. Women students had to wait until 1893 to be allowed to graduate from Edinburgh University. This came after a hard fought campaign by the Edinburgh association for the University Education of Women, originally known as the Edinburgh Ladies Education Association, and set up in 1868.

Chrystal Macmillan enrolled for a BSc at Edinburgh University in October 1892; she was the first woman at Edinburgh to gain a BSc, in 1896. Find out more about her life and activism here.

It was only in 1915 that women at Edinburgh gained an equal status with men in the Faculty of Medicine.

Glasgow University women fought the same battles - female students were formally integrated into the University in 1892 and they were the first women to receive a medical degree in a Scottish University in 1894.

Source:; Glasgow University archives.