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Timeline :: Public Bodies (Joint working) (Scotland) Act

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The Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014 takes forward the Christie Commission recommendations. As stated on the government website, it requires integration across health and social care for adult services, with local discretion to include integration of children's services. The Act provides for nationally agreed outcomes on health and wellbeing to be set out by Scottish Ministers. The Act establishes integration joint boards and integration joint monitoring committees as the partnership arrangements for the governance and oversight of health and social care services. There is a requirement on partnerships to strengthen the role of clinicians and care professionals, along with the third and independent sectors, in the planning and delivery of services. Partnerships will be jointly accountable to Ministers, Local Authorities, NHS Board Chairs and the public for delivering the nationally agreed outcomes. This legislation is highly relevant where children's services have been included through integration and thus, has consequences for the joint delivery of services as the health of the child or parents is a common factor when children are on the edge of care.

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