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Timeline :: Review of Social Work Education in Scotland


The Review of Social Work Education (RSWE) in Scotland began in 2015/6, initiated by Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC). In 2017/18, SSSC led on a number of the recommendations from the review:

  • revising, publishing and implementing an updated Framework and Standards in Social Work Education
  • exploring graduate-level apprenticeships and other work-based routes into social work with the sector
  • developing a new Standard for Continuous Professional Learning for social service workers.

It also stated that further work was needed on implementation and funding implications of the following:

  • Development of a shared approach to social work professional learning.
  • Introduction of a mandatory, supported year for newly qualified social workers (NQSW).
  • Widening access to social work education.

A broad stakeholder group and partnership approach worked on the RSWE :

  • SSSC
  • universities
  • Social Work Scotland
  • Scottish Association of Social Workers.