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Timeline :: Reviews of Social Work Education in England

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Publication of David Croisdale-Appleby's Re-visioning social work education, an independent report but commissioned by government. The same year, another review was published by Sir Martin Narey, Making the Education of Social Workers Consistently Effective, London: Department of Education, on the education of children's social workers in England.
Two very different visions are contained in these reviews: while the first sets an agenda for the social work profession as a whole, the second sets out to equip children's social workers as a separate entity. Bamford argues that this disunity is 'deeply damaging' for social work, especially at a time of financial constraints on budgets and a growing interest from the private sector in social work and social care provision.

Source: Bamford, T. (2015) A Contemporary History of Social Work. Learning from the Past. Bristol: Policy Press