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Timeline :: Social Science Research Centre begins

39 George square

"The Social Science Research Centre at 39 George Square is staffed by members of the Departments of Geography (1), Political Economy (1), Psychology (1), Public Health and Social Medicine (1), Organisation of Industry and Commerce (1), Social Anthropology (2) and Social Study (2) who divide their time between Departmental teaching and research work in the Centre. Also attached to the Centre are research staff engaged on projects sponsored by outside bodies; and from time to time one or two postgraduate students.

The Centre is under the supervision of the Committee on Co-operation and Research in the Social Sciences (Convener Professor N.C. Hunt). The function of the Centre is the promotion of research, especially research of a collaborative nature, in the Social Sciences."

Source: 1961-62 University Calendar.

The two Social Study staff named in the 1962-63 University Calendar were Mr Tom Burns (Reader) and Mr H Craig (Lecturer), with M.P. Banton, Hilde Behrend, A. Geddes, R.M. McKenzie, Mary Bird and J. Pilgrim.

By 1963-64, the committee was convened by Professor J.W. Watson.