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Timeline :: Social Work Task Force Final Report launched

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The final report of the Social Work Task Force, Building a Safe, Confident Future was launched. The task force, chaired by Moira Gibb (an Edinburgh Uni graduate) had been set up to 'undertake a comprehensive review of frontline social work practice, and to make recommendations for future improvement and reform of the whole profession across adult and children's services'. The report called for an assessed and supported first year in employment, as well as national standards for employers and supervisors. It argued for a coherent system of Continuous Professional Development and the establishment of a National College for Social Work.

In 2010, the government subsequently announced the creation of the Social Work Reform Board, also chaired by Moria Gibb, which developed the recommendations into firm proposals for a Professional Capabilities Framework, with nine different stages from student to senior manager.

The reform work was only just beginning when two further reviews were introduced - led by David Croisdale-Appleby (into social work education, and especially the case for a generic qualifying course) and Martin Narey (into social work training for children's services).

Source: Bamford, T. (2015) A Contemporary History of Social Work. Learning from the Past. Bristol: Policy Press