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Timeline :: Southampton University begins


The University of Southampton achieved full university status in 1952, although its origins lie in the Hartley Institute founded in 1862. In 1902, it became Hartley University College, with degrees awarded by the University of London. The first intake of social work students was in 1937; they undertook a Certificate in Social Studies. In the early 1960s, a postgraduate generic programme leading to the Diploma in Applied Social Studies was established, following on from the Younghusband review. Social work education at Southampton expanded greatly over the following years, to include training in medical and health related social work and later a non-graduate programme for probation officers and child care officers. A decision was taken in 2012 to close the Social Work programme, and in recognition of the achievements over the years, a website was launched. Check this out to read stories of key individuals, courses and developments in social work education and research from the 1950s onwards.