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Timeline :: SWAN is launched

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Jones, C, Ferguson, I, Lavalette, M and Penketh, L. (2004) Social work and social justice: A manifesto for a new engaged practice was published and with this, the Social Work Action Network (SWAN) was launched. Its constitution states:

'The Social Work Action Network (SWAN) is a radical, campaigning organisation of social work and social care practitioners, students, service users, carers and academics, united by our concern that social work practice is being undermined by managerialism and marketisation, by the stigmatisation of service users and by welfare cuts and restrictions. While recognizing that social work is one of the mechanisms through which the State controls the behaviours of poor families, we believe nevertheless that social work is a valuable activity which can help people address the problems and difficulties in their lives. Many of these difficulties are rooted in the inequalities and oppressions of the modern world and good social work necessarily involves confronting the structural and public causes of so many private ills.'