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Timeline :: Three child deaths in Fife

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Three children were killed in Fife in 2014, leading to calls for lessons to be learned and something to be done.

On 14 January 2014, three-year old Mikaeel Kular was beaten to death by his mother, Rosdeep Adekoya, at their flat in Edinburgh (where they had recently moved). Rosdeep Adekoya was later jailed for culpable homicide. A significant case review led by Moira McKinnon found that the circumstances leading to Mikaeel's death "could not have been predicted"; the review has not been published (see BBC news report, 21 April 2015).

On 22 March 2014, two-year old Liam Fee was killed by his mother and her partner at his home in Thornton. In May 2016, Rachel and Naomi Fee were found guilty of assaulting and killing Liam. Liam was known to social work, and a childminder and nursery worker had both warned others about his care. A serious case review, chaired by Dr Jacqui Mok, was announced the following month.

On 20 April, Madison Horn was beaten and killed by her mother's boyfriend, Kevin Park, while he was babysitting at their home in Kelty. A significant case review reported on 2 August 2016. In a BBC news story, Alan Small, independent chairman of Fife's child protection committee, is quoted as saying: "The review has concluded that Madison's death could not have been anticipated. There was no evidence to suggest that any agency was aware of any concerns about her well-being and neither she, nor her mother, were known to social work services."