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Timeline :: Younghusband Report published

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Eileen Younghusband was commissioned to carry out a study of the employment and training of social workers.  She highlighted the shortage of places on University social studies courses as well as the fact that social work included: almoning, child care, church work, colonial service welfare, community centre and settlement work, community organisation, family casework, information and advice services, moral welfare, personnel management, the physically and mentally handicapped, probation and other court work, psychiatric social work, youth leadership and social workers in the civil service. She admitted, 'The net result is to demonstrate the hopelessness and unprofitable task of determining the frontiers of the work' (p104).  She proposed that social studies courses should be more focused on preparing students for the practice of social work.  She also recommended that more resources be put in to the supervision of student's on placement.  

Younghusband urged women to play down the 'feminine' qualities previously considered fundamental to social work in order to bring in more men and so upgrade the profession.

Sources: Younghusband, E. (1947) Report on the employment and training of social workers, Carnegie UK Trust, Edinburgh: T and A Constable.