West Lothian Council

Young Mums to Be: what factors might affect their engagement with Sure Start West Lothian?


  • To identify factors associated with engagement/non-engagement of pregnant young women aged under 20 in 'Young Mums 2B' groups run by West Lothian Sure Start.
  • To examine possible changes to the service or new services required.


  • Literature review: lessons from available literature about use of groups or other supports; age and other factors associated with work with pregnant young women.
  • An audit of available 2009/10 records of approx 70 young women referred using screening tools based on age and noted information.
  • An audit of approx 30 available records with detailed screening information using screening tools based on a scale of past history.
  • Two focus group discussions with five staff involved in this work.


  • Fleur-Michelle Coiffait, University of Edinburgh; Paula Huddart and Karen Love, Sure Start, West Lothian.
  • Mentor: Prof Kay Tisdall, University of Edinburgh.


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