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Moving forward with Restorative Justice in Scotland

Moving forward with Restorative Justice in Scotland
Hosted by: Sarah Stocks # Director of Northern Star Associates
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13th Oct 2017 10:00 - 13th Oct 2017 16:00
Norton Park Conference Centre, 57 Albion Road, Edinburgh, EH7 5QY

This important deliberative conference will build on the learning from the SUI funded programme of dialogues on Restorative Justice in Scotland - learning from others held earlier this year. The dialogues addressed research, desistance, sexual violence and homicide and RJ.

The aim of the conference is to move on to generate propositions for the development of RJ practice and policy in Scotland.

There will be workshops to address how criminal justice and importantly, victims of crime in Scotland would benefit from a better availability of restorative justice and how to achieve this.

There should also be an opportunity to discuss the Scottish Government’s statutory guidance on access and referral of victims to restorative justice, publication of which is anticipated ahead of the meeting. The event will be particularly relevant for criminal justice social workers, Procurators Fiscal, Sheriffs, defence lawyers, police, prison officers and others who work in community justice organisations or support victims of crime, as well as those involved in policy or research regarding responses to crime

Consultants present will include Ivo Aertsen (K.U. University Leuven, Belgium and author of Institutionalising Restorative Justice), Tim Chapman (chair, European Forum on Restorative Justice), Professor Joanna Shapland (University of Sheffield and convenor, Restorative Justice Forum Scotland) and Estelle Zinsstag (editor of Restorative Justice: an International Journal).
This event will be independently facilitated by Sarah Stocks (Director of Northern Star Associates).

Presentations, videos and participants' comments from the previous events in this series are all available here:


Registration from 9.30am

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