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Social Work Seminar: Communication Needs of Looked after Children in Hearings: Decision Makers’ Perspectives
Speaker: Dr Ann Clark # Queen Margaret University
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Date and Time
21st Feb 2018 14:00 - 21st Feb 2018 16:00
G.8 Gaddum Lecture Theatre, 1 George Square (Neuroscience) ,University of Edinburgh

Looked-after children are at heightened risk of speech, language and communication needs (SLCN). Long term outcomes can be poor as they enter young adulthood, particularly in educational attainment, mental health, and experience of social, emotional and behavioural difficulties1. In Scotland, the institutional body with primary responsibility to address these needs is Children’s Hearings Scotland (CHS). The focal means of decision-making is the Hearing.  Despite known risk of SLCN, previous FOI requests 2 showed very few referrals from the Hearings to SLT services, perhaps partly for the positive reason that children are already known to SLT services. Given the complex nature of decision-making, and its reliance on oral discussion, we were interested in the views of decision makers on the possible SLCN of children as well as views on support for and barriers to communication in Hearings.

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