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Social Work at Edinburgh secures significant research funding

Two grants, totalling more than £0.5M, have been awarded to our academics for their research on social work with children.

The first of these is for a knowledge exchange project focused on Changing Culture in Children and Families' Social Work, and is supported by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), City of Edinburgh Council and East Lothian Council. Led by Mark Smith and Viv Cree, this project has three strands: training for managers; critical reflection workshops and a number of practitioner research projects. It runs from April to October 2013.

The second is for a large, cross-UK research study, funded by the ESRC. Dr Sally Holland from Cardiff will lead a team of researchers from Edinburgh, Queen's and Southampton Universities to investigate how social workers communicate with children in their daily work in Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland. Viv Cree is leading on the Scottish research. The TLC project: Social Workers Talking and Listening to Children will research child protection investigations as well as longer-term relationships with children in care. The research will produce new findings in this important area of social work and outputs will include training materials and guidance for practitioners.