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Steve Kirkwood Wins British Psychological Society Award

We are pleased to announce that Steve Kirkwood has been awarded the BPS Social Psychology Section's 2013 PhD Award.

The award was given in relation to the article "'They're more than animals': Refugees' accounts of racially motivated violence", published in the British Journal of Social Psychology, which presents the analysis of asylum seekers' and refugees' accounts of being victims of violence in Scotland, and the way in which they produce accusations of racist motivations. The award committee described Steve's work as an "impressive contribution to the discipline", which has "important implications for theory and research on 'new racism'."

The research for Steve's thesis, "'Refugee' is only a word: A discursive analysis of refugees' and asylum seekers' experiences in Scotland", involved interviews with asylum seekers and refugees, those who work to support asylum seekers and refugees, and local Scottish people who live in areas where asylum seekers tend to be housed. Steve undertook his PhD in Psychology at the University of Edinburgh.

Steve has been invited to give the PhD Award Lecture at the Section's Annual Conference which will take place between 28th-30th August 2013 in Exeter, where he will be formally presented with the award.  He will also be presenting his research for the Migration and Citizenship Seminar Series at 1pm on 23rd April in Seminar Room 3, Chrystal Macmillan Building, 15a George Square. The presentation is entitled 'Refugees' Accounts of Racially Motivated Violence'.

The Social Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society aims to promote the development and understanding of Social Psychology in the UK.

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