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ESRC Award – Supporting children impacted by domestic abuse

In collaboration with colleagues from the Universities of Stirling, Central Lancashire, Northampton and East London, Professor John Devaney has been awarded a major grant by the Economic and Social Research Council for a four-year project investigating innovative interventions to support children and young people impacted by domestic abuse.

The study, which runs until September 2023, will assess  promising innovations in social work, policing, criminal justice and in domestic abuse and children's organisations in Scotland and England. It will evaluate the outcomes relating to seven innovations: Safe and Together, which aims to improve social work responses to families who experience domestic abuse; Operation Encompass, which aims to ensure support to children after police have been called to an incident of domestic abuse; an innovation to support children who want to be involved in Domestic Homicide Reviews after a family member has died because of domestic abuse; and four interventions to support mothers and children or babies recovering from domestic abuse. The researchers hope their findings will inform the development of future innovation in domestic abuse and in social care more broadly.

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