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Inaugural Social Work Research Student Led Conference

On Monday 3rd June 2019 the social work subject area held its inaugural conference for research students and staff on the theme of ‘New Knowledge’. The event was arranged by a joint student and staff organising committee (Luke Campbell, Alexandra Jundler, Jackie Gulland, Steve Kirkwood, Leela Levitt and Sarah Rose) with lots of support from Claire Buchan.

The conference was an opportunity for academic colleagues to share their work, and to explore issues related to theory, methodology and specific topics. The event consisted of a series of short oral presentations, workshops and posters from over 30 students and staff, on topics as diverse as ‘Therapeutic Boarding Schools and Narrative Authority’, ‘Health Needs and Challenges of Refugee Women and Children in Settlements: Conceptualising a Role for Social Work: Case Study of Nakivale refugee settlement Uganda’ and ‘How is human trafficking regulated in the UK? A critical assessment of the UK’s response to trafficking based on victims’ narratives and professionals’ perspectives.’ The prize for best poster was shared by Luke Campbell, and Jenny Duffy and Sarah Henning.

One of the many benefits of the day was the space to make connections about the benefit and distinctiveness of social work research, and to explore the potential benefit and impact of so much high quality work.

The next conference is already in planning!

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