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Pascal Rudin

Pascal Rudin
Pascal Rudin
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Children's Rights, 'global mental health', ADHD, Family, Education, discourse analysis

Phd Title

Childhood ADHD in Switzerland: Lessons for Social Work?


My academic interests lie in the exploration of the role of social work in the context of an increasing tendency to medicalise children for behavioural reasons. This study takes a Foucauldian approach to investigate the genealogy of the psychiatric discourse on children's behaviour in Switzerland. By doing so, the study aims to problematise the overemphasis with biological reductionism and proposes Social Work theory and practice that is embedded in, interacts with and considers the importance of children's environments.


My research is being supervised by Viv Cree, Steve Kirkwood and Sumeet Jain



  • Rudin, P., 2011. Die Bedeutsamkeit Erfahrbarer Würde. Betrachtungen zum menschenrechtlichen Verständnis von Kind und Kindheit und dessen Implikationen auf Bildung. VDM Publishing, Saarbrücken.

Journal Articles

  • Rudin, P., 2014. Das Pflegekinderwesen zu Beginn des 21. Jahrhunderts. Eine Annäherung an aktuelle Herausforderungen vor dem Hintergrund globaler Reformbemühungen. SozialAktuell  (Nr. 6 / Juni 2014)
  • Rudin, P., 2015. (Post)migrationale Aporien. Einige Betrachtungen zur aktuellen FlüchtlingskriseSozialAktuell  (Nr. 11 / November 2015)
  • Gharwal, D. & P. Rudin, 2016. Sozialarbeiterische Hilfestellung für Menschen auf der Flucht. Wie der österreichische Berufsverband in einem Erstaufnahmezentrum ehrenamtlich aktiv wurde. SozialAktuell  (Nr. 4 / April 2016)

Conference Papers

2016, June 23
Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development
National Council on Social Welfare, Seoul, Korea
Paper: «Challenging Contemporary Medicalised Understandings of ADHD»

2015, June 11
Joint Nordic Conference: Courage in Social Work
Union of Professional Social Workers, Helsinki, Finland
Paper: «Challenging medicalised understandings of ADHD»

2014, July 25
National Social Work Conference: Courage, Hope and Leadership
National Association of Social Workers, Washington DC, USA
Paper: «Facilitating Holistic Approaches to Health»

2013, December 16 
Foster Care Challenges at the Beginning of the XXI Century 
Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Policy, Belgrade, Serbia 
Paper: «Foster children and mental health»

2012, September 25 
6th International Foster Care Network Conference 
University of Zagreb, Croatia 
Paper: «Westernised Fostering: Ghana's Care Reform Initiative»

2011, October 21 
ESRC Seminar: Generating alternative discourses of childhood 
Birkbeck, University of London, UK 
Paper: «Governing Childhood»

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