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Fiona Morrison

Fiona Morrison
Dr Fiona Morrison
Research Fellow
Centre for Research on Families and Relationships 23 Buccleuch Place Edinburgh UK EH8 9LN

Resarch interests

Research with children, child welfare, child and family law, children’s participation, domestic abuse



BA Community Learning and Development (University of Dundee)

MSc Childhood Studies (University of Edinburgh)

PhD Social Policy (University of Edinburgh)


Biographical statement

My current research is on the Talking and Listening with Children project with Viv Cree. It explores how social workers communicate with children in their everyday practice and how social workers and children involved in these encounters experience and understand them. The research aims to generate new knowledge that will enhance the quality of social work education, practice and policy and in doing so improve children’s experiences of policy and practice outcomes.

This is a four-nation UK research project funded by the ESRC.  The research is collaboration between Cardiff University, the University of Sussex, Queen’s Belfast University and the University of Edinburgh.

Before joining Social Work, I undertook a CASE ESRC studentship with Scottish Women's Aid and the Centre for Research in Families and Relationships (CRFR). My PhD research focused on children's views and experiences of contact where there is history of domestic abuse and of contact policy and legislation.

I have held a variety of posts in the voluntary sector. I worked at Scottish Women's Aid as a children's policy worker and at Barnardo’s as a support worker and a development worker.





Morrison, F. (2015) '‘All Over Now?’ The Ongoing Relational Consequences of Domestic Abuse through Children's Contact Arrangements'. Child Abuse Review, 24(4): 274-284

Morrison, F. and Wasoff, F. (2012) 'Child contact centres and domestic abuse - victim safety and the challenge to neutrality'. Violence Against Women, Special Issue on Transdisciplinarity. 18(6): 711:720


Book chapters

Tisdall, K. and Morrison, F. (2012) 'Children's Participation in Court Proceedings when Parents Divorce or Separate: Legal Constructions and Lived Experiences'  in Freeman, M. (ed)  Law and Childhood Studies Current Issues Volume 14', Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp 156-173


Commissioned Reports

Morrison, F., Tisdall, K., Jones, F. and Reid, A. (2013) Child Contact Proceedings for Children Affected by Domestic Abuse. Edinburgh: Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People


Smith, C., Grimes, M., Morrison, F. Houghton, C. and Stafford, A. (2008) Consultation with Children and Young People with Experience of Domestic Abuse on The Scottish Government National Domestic Abuse Delivery Group Draft Proposals. Edinburgh: Scottish Government