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Constructing Incapacity for Work


Constructing incapacity for work: conditionality in sickness benefits since 1911

Funding Body

Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellowship ECF-2012-178

Completion Date



Dr Jackie Gulland 


Welfare reform in the late 20th and early 21st centuries has been characterised by an increase in the conditions applied to long-term claimants of sickness benefits. While the intensity of these conditions has increased recently, conditions attached to claims for sickness benefits can be found in the discourse of policy makers and the unwritten practices of decision makers since the beginnings of the welfare state. This project considers how concepts of (in)capacity for work have been constructed over the 20th century, the formal and unwritten conditions attached to claims and the extent to which these conditions been gendered.

You can find information about the project on the project research blog.

For more information, please contact Dr Jackie Gulland.

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