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Social Work: Research


Developing practice with young people affected by abuse and neglect

Dr Autumn Roesch-Marsh, Fiona Mitchell and Dr Kelly Stone

This year long Knowledge Exchange project was a joint project between the University of Edinburgh and WithScotland at the University of Stirling and was funded by the RS MacDonald Trust.  The project centred on the delivery of 10 seminars on the topic of adolescent neglect and abuse.  180 practitioners from across social work, education, health, counselling and social policy took part in 10 seminars.  The topics and speakers were:

  • How prevalent is child abuse and neglect? Reflections on research findings and controversies  - Dr Lorraine Radford, Independent Research Consultant and formerly Head of Research for the National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children
  • Teenage maltreatment. Messages from research - Professor Mike Stein, at the Social Policy Research Unit, University of York
  • Involving young people messages from research- Helen Whincup, Teaching Fellow, at School of Applied Social Science, University of Stirling
  • A rock and a hard place: protecting young people who run away- Cheryl Burgess, Research Fellow, at School of Applied Social Science, University of Stirling, and Laure Irvine, Team leader, at Aberlour Child Care Trust
  • In need of a new system? Protection processes and procedures for young people at risk of neglect and abuse - Dr Paul Rigby, Research Fellow, at the Criminal Justice Social Work Centre for Scotland and Researcher for Glasgow City Council
  • Offending begins at home: Meeting the needs of young people with harmful sexual behaviour - Stuart Allardyce, National Development Worker, at the at the Criminal Justice Social Work Centre for Scotland and Senior Practitioner at Barnardo’s Lighthouse Project, and Peter Yates, PhD Student in social work at the University of Edinburgh
  • Sexual exploitation: What can research tell us about safeguarding young people at risk?- Dr Lucie Shuker, Research Fellow at the University of Bedfordshire in the International Centre for the Study of Sexually Exploited and Trafficked Young People, and Dalgeet Dagon, Manager of the Barnardo’s Safe Choices Project
  • Vulnerable adolescents: New research, new challenges - Professor John Coleman, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Oxford
  • Pathways between the care and criminal justice systems- Dr Claire Fitzpatrick (nee Taylor), Lecturer in Criminology at Lancaster University
  • Working with young people who self-harm: Perspectives from practice and research  - Dr Amy Chandler, Research Fellow at the Centre for Children, Families and Relationships at the University of Edinburgh and Gita Ingram, Team Leader of CAMHS Edinburgh Connect and her colleague Liz Scott, Senior Mental Health Practitioner with Edinburgh Connect

Taking into account the themes which emerged across the seminars we have produced three briefings:

Two seniors crossing road