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Social Work: Research


The dynamics of a recovery oriented mental health approach in northern India

PI: Dr S Jain

Funder: ESRC Impact Accelerator Award

Co-Investigator: Dr Kaaren Mathias, Burans Project, Emmanuel Hospital Association, Dehradun, India.

Summary of Project

Set in rural and urban communities of the state of Uttarakhand in north India, this project will co-develop a culturally relevant visual tool for recovery with community members with psycho-social disability. This initiative builds on ethnographic research on mental health in the global south and uses this to enhance existing research, develop a case study and policy brief. The project will strengthen locally relevant knowledge, skills and practice in mental health recovery among community leaders, mental health practitioners and policy makers, ultimately improving mental health services in the populous Hindi speaking region of north India.

Outputs: Policy Brie

Film 1: Co-production process of the recovery tool

Film 2: Outcomes of the recovery tool 

Bayetti, C., Jadhav, S. S., & Jain, S. (2016). The re-covering self: a critique of the recovery-based approach in India's mental health care. Disability and the Global South3(1), 889-909.

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