Children, Families and Relationships

The University of Edinburgh has a long tradition of conducting research about and with children and young people, dating back at least 30 years to the ground-breaking studies of John Triseliotis and others. Contemporary research includes a broad range of topics, local, national and international collaborations; and a strong emphasis on knowledge exchange. We have research links with the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships Current research includes: 

  • Viv Cree on children affected by parental HIV 
  • Viv Cree and Fiona Morrison on communication between social workers and children ( a cross-UK collaboration)
  • Gary Clapton on birth fathers (men who have given up a child for adoption)
  • Janice McGhee on the use of administrative data for child welfare research
  • Autumn Roesch-Marsh on decision-making and the impact of organisational culture on social work practice
  • Lorraine Waterhouse and Janice McGhee on practitioner-parent relations