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Social Work: Study


Continuous Professional Development

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is now an essential component of the regulated social work profession. The Scottish Social Services Council requires that social workers maintain their ongoing training with the aim of ensuring a competent and confident workforce within an established culture of learning.

Social Work at the University of Edinburgh is always looking to ways to develop its contribution to the profession's requirement for CPD. The university's commitment to Knowledge Exchange endorses the existing connections between the social work subject area and local practice agencies and provides a constructive mandate for promoting the exchange between research and practice. An ongoing dialogue between university and workforce colleagues ensures that we are responsive to the learning needs of social workers and create training opportunities which are flexible in their delivery and accessible to the busy professional.

Our regular seminars attract CPD hours and allow practitioners to tap into recent and ongoing research on a variety of relevant subjects. In addition, practitioners can apply to work with us to work on specific projects as Knowledge Exchange Fellows.  Please email the academic staff member whom you think might be best suited to take this forward with you. Our staff list is here.


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