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Social Work: Study


Case Studies

The following case studies will give you a flavour of the sorts of issues and challenges that a social worker deals with on a day to day basis. They cover three areas of social work - work with adults, with children and families and with young people who have committed offences. The case studies represent only some aspects of the wide range of work carried out by social workers today.

For example social work in care homes and hospitals is not represented, neither is work with adult offenders depicted. However, as you will see from the information about the Social Work degree programme, we provide you with a generic training which means that you will be qualified to practice in any field, or setting with communities, families, adults or young people.

How to Use the Case Studies

(It's best if you don't do this in one sitting)

Read through the case studies. As you go through each, take a few moments to list and think about what you see as the problems, issues and challenges emerging. We have included some questions as pointers and they may be the same as those that you have thought of. You may also have others of your own.

These are the sorts of fundamental questions addressed in your studies for the BSc in Social Work.
After reading and thinking about the issues raised, and noting any questions you may have, make sure that you follow the links under What Next?. These will take you to our courses that make up the four-year programme and you will gain an idea of how they might help you to address the sorts of questions posed by the case studies.

Social Work