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CUE: Social Work

The purpose of CUE (Coming to the University of Edinburgh) is to ease your transition to higher education, whether you're coming from further education or school. If you are returning to formal education having been working or bringing up a family, for example, you will find that CUE complements the University's guide for mature students. This guide answers some of the questions that you may have and hopefully helps you decide to study Social Work here at Edinburgh.

The Social Work degree enables you to gain practical skills, to reflect on your own formal and informal learning, and to develop knowledge through class-based readings and discussions. It leads to a professional qualification in social work. For a quick guide to the sorts of work carried out by social workers have a look at this social work careers publication from the Scottish Social Services Council. Exploring this website will help you to see where the challenges lie in becoming a social worker. Whatever your starting point, CUE should support your transition to university.

Throughout these pages you will find information about the courses that make up the four year Social Work programme. Going through the pages will give you a good idea of undergraduate study at the School of Social and Political Science which is handily located in the centre of Edinburgh (map), as well as an insight into what it means to be a student at the University of Edinburgh. CUE: Social Work includes the thoughts of some current students about what the transition was like for them.

If you're looking for some reading suggestions, why not take a look at our Summer Reading List - it contains a variety of texts (including fiction and poetry) to prime you for starting your first year of study.

Using CUE: Social Work

A central part of this website is a group of case studies. Although not real people in the case studies, the difficulties that they are in are realistic and typify a number of the challenges you might encounter as a social worker - and for that matter a social work student whilst you are on placement. Take some time to read them and consider the problems, issues and questions they raise.

You will find that the questions and issues raised by the case studies can be connected to the various courses that make up the Social Work programme. This linking is to illustrate how your studies here will help you to develop the skills, knowledge and values needed to address the sorts of challenges for social workers that are revealed by the case studies.

When you click on the links to the courses, you will find that they contain short descriptions, readings and links to websites and other online resources. Engaging with these materials will provide you with an insight into the Social Work at Edinburgh and give you a foretaste of studying at university level. More broadly, it should open a window into the ways of thinking and practising in social work.

You might also want to know more about what is involved in the programme as a whole, what being a Social Work student at the University of Edinburgh entails, what it takes to get into the Programme, and how you would be supported in your studies if accepted. The rest of the website should answer most, if not all, of your questions - so have a surf around!

Interested? Give it a go!

CUE: Social Work has been developed at the University of Edinburgh by Gary Clapton and Francis Emmerson. It is derived from a model produced by John Bamber and Clara O'Shea as part of the Student Recruitment and Admissions 'Transitions' Project.